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Cycle tours are welcome opportunities to observe the distance rules from Corona largely also at times without great quality restrictions for the individual tour.
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Actual indications for the offers on this home page

Many questions on the legal position have lately arisen and for the Corona Pandemie at journeys as well as their costs at cancellations by impairments and programme changes generally.
Travel offers and descriptions are dependent among others on the regulations and editions of the regional administrations. Short-term changes for journeys and their processes can arise easily. One can insure himself against such uncertainties and against influences acts of god only with difficulty.
I draw your attention to the fact that all tour offers have to be considered as recommendations and consultations for journeys and select organizers on my home page for the time being.
"The first that comes along travel offers", so to speak for all possible journeys you do not find here.
I so debarre the responsibility for the take-over of these disproportions and eventualities arising with that.
Please notice: I do not ask any cash in advance for my information.
Also see further links to official institutions.


Site owner

Hans Kaltenegger
Hans Kaltenegger

Besides my vocational training as a technician I has been active many years as a sports cyclist.
There has been the web page since the year 2000.
I cooperate with Thai tour organizers since then. Tour guides are registered at
Thai tourism authority TAT and have licences.
As a main profession my work as a forest businessman has itself changed through the years
more into this one area of arboriculture in gardening.
I use my experiences in tree fellowing and maintenance there.
The work is seasonal and sets consideration in various ways ahead
(conservation, health and safety standards, traffic belongings, weather conditions, and more).
These conditions can better be managed by spreading fields of activity, primarily there,
where I see myself suitably or predestinedly.


Hans Kaltenegger
Am Schorn 1
82327 Tutzing  

Tel.: 00(1)49-(0)8158-922698

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You do not need a password and must not open any account either.
At the moment, for the time being, you cannot find forms for personal details.
This applies just to cookies to the intermediate storage of data or transfer on your computer.
In the case of side links to from outside sides the respective data protection rules
of the side operators have to be taken into account. I decline a liability for it categorically.
Please, for making contacts make use of a safe e-mail program,
or the written post letter delivery or the telephone call.
Of course I need your address, e-mail or phone number in the cause of inquiries.
However these details do not land on my webspace.
What concerns driving cycle tours also passes the possibility of a date agreed upon.
Photo shoots of ones involved are treated under consideration of the privacy
and their possible use is subject to the mutual consent.
A following deletion is assured any time without problems.